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FUZZY editor


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I'm trying out v8 demo through my MAudio 2496 card and it souds fantastic - so much clearer than my current main package. *However*...

I've loaded up a VST instrument (in this case Garrtian Personal Orchestra) into track1 and recorded a simple string part via MIDI keyboard. I double click on the new object opening it up in the (very nice looking) MIDI editor. Now when I press playback (with the editor window open) I get fuzzy crackly sound. As soon as I close up the editor and return to the main window all is perfect again. A little while later, rather than getting fuzzy sound in the editor I get no playback at all. Again returning to the main display and everything is fine.

Any help much appreciated! (It's going to be a brave shift from Mac Logic to PC Samplitude for me so I want to get this right!)



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Please download and try out the current version demo, Version 11. Also it sounds like you do not have your asio buffer/vip buffers set up correctly. PLease see my basic setup page for version 11:


Also I went from Logic Pro to Samplitude in 2003, best choice ever.

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