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Dead simple VST Stereo Delay needed


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I can't believe how hard this is!!

Have searched the 'net for a couple of hours to no avail.

I am in need of a stereo delay:

Independent left/right delay times (in ms, not tempo) that can be entered exactly by keyboard or mouse.

No distortion/saturation required.

HP & LP filters.

Big friendly GUI.

Can get down to one repeat per side.

Left/right or delay 1 & delay 2 independent balance.

Doesn't need to be free - happy to pay.

For use in Forte, not Samplitude, BTW.



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It's not a cheap option (although it is within some good-value bundles), but Waves Supertap would do the things you want.

The only small caveat is that it doesn't have separate HP and LP filters for each delay line (they do have some EQ capabilities though).

Possibly also the OhmForce OhmBoyz delay can do what you want.


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Why don't you just make 2 duplicates of the track you want to delay, use the volume and pan controls to put it where you want and move the samples back a few milliseconds to give you the delay?

Hi Tim.

I'm using the delay in real time through Forte, not mixing through Samp.



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Hi Lads.

The Voxengo doesn't have ms delay times.

And I'd rather not pay $90 when all I require are two echoes!


take a closer look!

voxengo sound-delay gives you both options, ms and samples.

you can delay channels independently.


I will Mathias - it looked to me as though only tempo was possible.

Sorry mate.



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I think the Reaper Plugins could help you out. They are free:


* Multi-tap delay, no practical limit on tap count

* Up to 10 second delay per tap

* Tap lengths can be in time (s/ms) or quarter notes

* Feedback, LPF/HPF, resolution reduction per tap

* Stereo width per tap

* Volume/pan per tap


Greetings! Al

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