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moving play cursor in the score editor


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Hi All,

I've been playing with the sam 11 demo and I like the way that the right and left arrows move the green play cursor from beat to beat. but in the score editor the arrow key don't move the green cursor. I found that the "home" and "end" keys move it to where one would expect and the "page up" and "page down" also move the cursor but in an erratic way. It seems to land at the beginning of a bar every ten key strokes. Does anyone know if there is a way to adjust this behavior or if there is another way to move the green cursor on the score editor (linear or page)?


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Hi there,

Yes left and left/right arrow moves the cursor in the VIP and page up/down does the equivalent in the linear score editor. In the score editor linear and piano roll, left and right arrows select the next/previous MIDI note. The green cursor movement in the linear editor seems to be working correctly here based on the snap setting. But you are right that in page mode the way the cursor moves seems to be pretty random when the score editor is in focus. But if the VIP is in focus you can use the left and right arrows and the score editor will work correctly in page mode.

Although you can use the left and right arrows in page mode to move between notes. I would say there is some buggy behaviour when using page up page down in the score editor page mode.



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