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MS 15 Oxygen 8 Set Up - Automation Not Working...


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Hello... I'm trying to set up my Oxygen 8 to control the Automation Fader... I've tried multiple ways...

When I go through the Hardware Controller Set up... and I try linking the knobs on my Oxy 8 with the Track Automation, it won't move the automation fader.. I can get it to work with the Automation Set on/off, Automation Read, Automation Latch etc.. but for whatever reason it wont move the Automation fader/slider... I don't know what the problem is....

I've tried it while using my own custom controller set-up, and I've also done edits to the Mackie HUI and the Mackie Controller set-ups.. but nothing seems to be able to move this automation fader for whatever reason.

Doesn't really make sense.. everything else will move except that slider


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