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Vandal's midi automation

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I've been very glad with the release of Sam11.2Pro since Vandal's midi options were adjusted and considerably improved as far as automation is concerned. However, it took me some time to get Vandal respond to midi data. There was no problem with automation via midi control messages, but:

  • default notes for preset and scene selection weren't working correctly - I changed them to start with C0 and go up from there but to my surprise the notes I draw in midi editor (C0 upwards) did nothing as if they didn't match. Only entering the same notes in ME at C-2 brought the expected results. To sum up, Vandal's C0 is Sam's C-2, it could be much easier...
  • Vandal's patch list functionality is also a bit off. After assigning presets to program change slots it turned out that slots numbers and program change numbers don't match when automated. Example: if I want Vandal to load preset from slot 8 I need to draw program change data at 7. So, what I must remember is to always subtract one to get what I want. It could be much easier as well...
  • well, the last thing is that with a 12 track project [4 Vandal instances loaded, ezdrummer vsti, cpu at 25%] playback stutters a bit when Vandal automation data is received - a major annoyance if you ask me...

I don't know if the listed issues were/are experienced by any other users. I appreciate any feedback...

All in all, keep up the good work....

Vandal is IMO the best ampsim out there and if its sound will be equalled by its functionality then... wow! :)

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Hi codedinblack,

I've been trying for months to get Vandal automated and I finally did it to my satisfaction. I'll tell you how and ask you a question at the end of the post. I use a Behringer fcb1010 for MIDI control, a Lexicon Alpha usb interface, usb midi connector and a run-of-the-mill laptop with single core AMD processor running Windows 7 with ASIO4ALL as driver.

The first key was the release of v11.2 like you said. I set up a vip of 11 tracks with a version of Vandal in each one, except the first one which is the MIDI channel. I then saved 10 scenes in the mixer master section. The first scene had track 2 unmuted (the first instance of Vandal) with all other channels muted except the MIDI one. The second scene had track 3 unmuted and the rest (except 1) muted. I saved a scene with each track unmuted and the rest muted for a total of 10 scenes.

To be more clear, there was only 1 instance of Vandal per scene to keep overhead low. That was the instance on the unmuted channel.

Then I went to the automation dialog after pressing "y" then "hardware controller." I then programed the scenes to respond to the fcb1010 and it worked great. So, I didn't automate vandal, I automated the mixer. Vandal still has too many drawbacks for MIDI automation IMO.

I was able to automate Vandal this way with only 96 samples in the ASIO buffer (ASIO4ALL) with no glitches. Extremely low latency.

That is the framework of what I did. If you'd like some instruction on how to set up the FCB1010 or use the Hardware/Mixer Automation function I can post step by step instructions.

Now for your question. I've only been able to get Vandal to do preset up or down or scene up and down. Is there a better way to select presets and how do you do it?



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