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Side-chaining Waves plug-ins possible?


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Hello everyone,

I downloaded the demo version of Samplitude v11, and I'm really liking what I see so far. One question though - Is it possible to side-chain Waves plug-ins (C6 Multiband, C1 compressor, etc.)? I believe this requires VST3, and many DAW's have not implemented this yet. It appears the side-chain key button is not appearing in the previously mentioned Waves plug-ins. Its entirely possible I am overlooking something as I am not familiar with Samplitude, or at least is there a workaround?

Thank you in advance,


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You are not overlooking anything. Waves sidechaining works only in ProTools and in hosts that support VST3 (not currently Samp).

I was afraid of that... I own Pro Tools 9 and Logic Pro 9 which both support VST3. I have a great deal of money poured into Waves plug-ins, so I hate to lose that functionality. Thanks for the reply.

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now that Pro X2 has VST3 support.. does anyone know if waves side chaining works now ?

the manual states very little.. just that it is supported.

when i scan my VST3 folder it always crashes Pro X2 (only has waves shell in it)

but when i run Pro X2 the VST3 plugs are there and can be loaded but the s/c comps like waves C1 & C6 still don't appear to have s/c working in samp (appears the same as VST2)

is this feature actually supported in Pro X2 since it claims to support VST3 now ?

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Keep clicking rescan it will eventually fix itself. (joking) I made 2 folders. One 32bit one 64bit. Put the dell's in there, then Scan the 32 bit first, then the 64 bit. Now they are somewhat organized. (I will be hiding that rescan command because it causes my vst's menus to get messed up again)

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