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Sampletude installation/registring problem


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I recently bought a miditech i2 control keyboard and it came with some software which is sampletude SE. When I go to install, i go through the menu etc but once it try's to load into another install screen I can the error: 'The sampletude SE No.9 cannot be executed on unknown. To continue with the sampletude SE No.9 installed please install another windows version.'

I am running windows 7 64bit which i assume is the problem. So i try and register the product so I think maybe I could download it but I try and put in the code on the back of the cd sleeve, which is OEM and about 25 numbers but it says it is invalid.

Anyone have any ideas? i just want to use the software. I have emailed support but am awaiting response.


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Hi, Version 9 may not be able to load onto W7 64 bit. Try right clicking the setup or install file and choose troubleshoot compatibility. Then you can run it as a windows XP program.

Version 11 of Samplitude standard or Pro (but not available in the free SE version) works perfectly with 32 or 64 bit Windows 7

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