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Yamaha n12 mixer & magix daw


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Hello all, my 1st post here.... hope someone out there knows the answer to this.

Im running several daws on different pc's & macs, one of these is hooked to the Yamaha n12 firewire mixer (not with old mlan drivers, but the latest firewire driver). The daw on this pc is Cubase 4, which I intend to remove...so;

Will Magix studio 12 deluxe or the new Samplitude recognize all the input channels from the mixer?

I have Studio 12 loaded and working perfectly on this pc but it will only recognize the main stereo channels of the n12, is this due to cubase using the n12 as well, or is the desk simply not compatible with the Magix daw?

I have to say I would prefer to be using this desk as opposed to the Alesis fw mutimix's as the n12 mic pre,s are really nice & clean.

I realize the transport controls of the desk wont hook up as they are desighned for steinberg, but I can use another control surface for that.

Finally, am I correct in thinking that in theory the studio 12 can take 8 stereo or 16 mono inputs simultaneously?

As the aim is provide the facility of doing multitrack rehearsal recordings in one of my studios live rooms this track count is more than enough.

Must just add that having used all the premium priced daws I can honestly say that the Magix work screens are as good as any & quicker than some to work with...

so "well done" to the programmers!

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O.K. Answered my own question.....N12 desk works great as far as multi channel audio goes, transport controls not working of course- Im hoping to use a seperate control surface for that anyway.

Also I have hooked up both the Roland si-24 & the Roland vs2480 via a v-fire device...both worked fine re audio. I havnt tried to make si-24 work as a controller but the vs2480 Im sure could work via midi.

Overall I definately prefer the sound of the sound from the n12, other peoples ears might not agree of course!

I tried all this on a Carillon PC, XP.

Hope thats of help/interest to anyone reading my original post.

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