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mutli midi channel problem

roger ways

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I'm using samplitude music studio 15 and I'm using a techinics sx-kn800 keyboard connect via midi -usb

I set up a new multi track project, on track 1 I have a virtual instrument triggered by midi channel 14

on track two I have a second instrument trigged by channel 15.

The problem is that if set my midi on the keyboard to 15 I get nothing, if I set it to 14 no problem track one plays fine.

I then set both instrument to 14 then track one is fine but track 2 nothing.

It's as if samplitude can only handled one midi channel and one track?.

I was using cakewalk music creator 5 which was fine I could have many midi channel triggering different tracks as I liked.

Have I missed something????

many thanks

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