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Docking and Undocking


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First time hi Samplituders!

Someone on the Sonar forum put me on to Samplitude when I asked if there was any DAW's that included some wave editing and mastering in the same package. I'm glad he did: I've looked over the website and it looks very nice so far.

I'm using Reaper 3.75 at the moment; which is also a very comfortable environment to delve into, and one thing I really like about it is that the effects, the midi editor and the mixer can all be opened or undocked from the track-view window. My whole desktop does not then have to be filled with the application window. Is this possible in Samplitude 11?

Are there GUI colour changes other than grey or black? Also very important.


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Hi again Tim

Well, all I can say is............grey and lots of it. The shots on your site look very nice but all the skins, including the choice in the demo, are all grey or even charcoal grey/black? Emerald green mixed with grey is very nice - Reaper, I've attatched a picture.

Is there a simple way to tint the overall window surface colour? The buttons and faders are fine.

They're not like, dare I say, battleship grey; which is a relief, I thought there was a DAW conspiracy going on................(joke) :)


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Hey Tim

They're all very nice; the first (which I couldn't work in) and last (which I could) particularly. It's obviously a matter of taste. The long throw on the faders in the last one are great.

I think it's matter of what proportion of other colours are used with what intensity of grey, to give it some kid of balance.

How would I change the basic window backgroud colour then? Lots of wizardry or.....?

Thanks for the pics.

EDIT: Had a quick look at the Birdline site. I don't know if this is what I'm looking for? Caris or star grey are ok, I think, given the opportunity, I'm just being piccy. It'll be interesting having a look over time. No worries.

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