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Switching between wav edit and track view


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I downloaded an installed Samp 11 demo to my non-music computer today to see how I get on.

I put an audio file in track one on track view and had a look at the mix master and various things, and I found the option to open and edit the file in the wave editor. Did this, no problem, but now I can't get back to the track view? I've looked in the manual but couldn't find anything.

It would be nice to edit a wave file in another window and save it straight back into the track view without having to change everything in the main window. Is that possible?


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Ok, got them both thanks.

I added some silence into the Wave Editor window, just as an experiment, but I got the reply that the file can't be changed as it was being used in the VIP window?

Don't worry too much about these questions as I'm only testing the demo so there's nothing critical or financial going on here.

It's quite a nice environment so far. I've been looking at the CD/MP3 burning and doing some Red Book investigating today. More about that another time.

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