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Vandal - Sascha, what's happening?....

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Why mess with perfection ?

He's probably making something else like a VIntage amp simulator thingy

or something



The Vandal is now the centre of my gigging rig exactly because it is so good - Raw Brit Live Videos - & last November on the Vandal web site Sascha tempted us with some extras (which I think includes updated MIDI implementation). Wondering what the future may bring.

However, I'm glad that you seem to enjoy Vandal as much as I do.



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Sure, the project is still alive. But there's no precise roadmap, so I'm busy with it every now and then, but I've got other projects as well...

One thing coming next (although not from us directly, but as a partner (shown at NAMM recently)):

(scroll to 3:40)

That version already includes 10 (midi) remotes, instead of 5. And the handling of stomps and on/off settings has been improved, along with numerous other fixes.

It is of course already part of the main code base, so it's only a matter of time & resources until we can provide with downloadable VST & Sam updates.

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Me neither speaking Italian here... although French sometimes seems to help me... ;)

The board is pretty cool (I got an early prototype under my feet as I type this...).

- a 24bit/192k USB audio device,

- with Midi I/O and a controller sending 11 CC commands over Midi, plus the pedal (function switchable through switch 12)

- Aluminum chassis,

- Hi-Z guitar input + Mic in,

- adjustable tube saturation (there's a 12ax7 in it)

- insert, direct monitor out

- stereo line out

- 2 phones outs (seperate pots)

It served as a 'blueprint' for changes and refinements to Vandal's midi department. It helped a lot to 'get things right'. The board is pre-configured to directly change Vandal's presets and scenes, access the tuner, switch stomps on/off, the post fx units and control the volume or wah pedal. It will come with a dedicated Vandal version (stripped down a bit). Of course, it could control any software through standard midi.

Considering my prototype unit, I like this thing a lot. Very rugged and of solid audio performance.

Not out yet, though. I have project details, but not the official sales details.

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