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Hi again Samplituders!

I've got a long-in-the-tooth quad core setup now so I've just downloaded and installed the demo Samplitude 11 on another drive - I've been using Sonar X1 Essential since I was last here.

I'm having trouble finding my new Native Instruments piano and it's kontakt player sampler. I've designated the location of all my other VST's and effects without any problems. Is there a special way of loading samplers?

As a triviality - I keep finding a key icon in the tracks I'm importing as a test, is there a way to hide it?

I'm sure there'll be a few more questions as I didn't do any recording with the last download.

I've been looking at the vid's here: http://www.samplitude.com/en/community/tutorial_videos/midi__vst.333.html

Good stuff, thanks

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I am pretty sure the VSTi function in the trial version is disabled.

Oh, it does say it's a fully functioning demo.

What's the difference between a VSTi and a sampler then?

I'll have a look for the draw mode tomorrow.

Thanks for the reply

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Couldn't resist switching on again for an hour.

I got the lock function button, thanks.

No VSTi's in the demo? I failed to notice that my instruments are all listed under VSTi's and effects are listed under VST's.

No samplers though?

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