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Samplitude sighting in May/June 2011 Tape Op magazine

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There's an interview with engineer Chris Owens in the May/June 2011 issue of Tape Op, and they bring up the fact that he uses Samplitude:

Interviewer: I think if most people tried to describe your records, they'd say, "That sounds very analog".

Chris Owens: That's hilarious, because it's...

Interviewer: ...totally digital, right?

Chris Owens: Completely.

Interviewer: And you use Samplitude [by Magix].

Chris Owens: That's the software I use. I've used Nuendo and Pro Tools. I was more familiar with Samplitude, so I stuck with it. Sonically I didn't notice a difference.

Anyhow, I've been a Tape Op reader for a couple of years now, and I think that's the first time I've ever seen Samplitude mentioned in an interview or article. I've also never seen Samplitude advertised in Tape Op, which might be a good idea (paging Tim Dolbear). Hey Tim, Tape Op does an "In Behind the Gear" feature each month where they interview a rep from a pro audio manufacturer. Maybe you could do one of those sometime--that would be way cool.

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I just went down to the local Barnes & Noble to peruse the music mags, and picked up the new "Music Technology - Basics and Beyond" published by Sound On Sound. I flipped to the Table of Contents page, and noticed a photo of some DAW user manuals for some kind of "DAW Software Roundup" feature in the mag. Lo and behold, one of the manuals on the top of the heap was a Samplitude manual! I feel like I'm in Bizarro-world! But I like it!

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I've done several Samplitude-based articles for RECORDING magazine, but no ads or other Magix support at all. But nevertheless they gave me the space to cover some items-of-interest.

But when I see an issue of Future Music with 'Ultimate DAW Tips' throughout the them of the mag, and not even one mention (that I could find) of Samplitude or even Sequoia (for mastering), it kinda bums me out.

Nevertheless I guess I've grown to appreciate the more 'underground' vibe of Samplitude over all these years within the insane DAW marketplace filled with upstarts like Cockos/Reaper, and even Bidule or MixCraft.


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