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Midi clip split function question


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Another demo question:

I've been looking for a "multi-split" function or something similar.

If I import several tracks of midi into Samplitude 11 and they are all (for example) 100 bars (measures) long, is there a method by which I can split them into 25 (4 bar) clips simultaneously, or would I need to make each individual split?


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Ok, thanks Kraz, that saves me some hunting and reading time.

A bit disappointing, but as I wend my way through a growing list of DAW's, I can see that they've all got their good points or extra-useful features. This function is also not available in Reaper, but in X1 Essential, a dialogue box opens and you can stipulate the amount of times you want to split the highlighted clips.

My reason for the question is that it would make bringing unfinished songs into Samp. easier as all the midi clips do unfortunately get glued together in the process between any DAW's; in my experience so far.

I'm still enjoying what I see now I've got Samp.11 demo on a separate drive on my music rig, but I've just seen that Pro Tools has now detached itself from proprietary hardware, so it looks like my final investigations are not going to be as straightforward as I thought.

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Unfortunately, nothing like this exists in Samplitude as of yet.
It does now!

Press home so cursor goes to start of track in empty template > shift+? > name marker 1 at 4 bars > right arrow > marker 2 at 8 bars etc up to 99. Drag in or import midi files and use the cut objects at markers choice. Add audio to taste. :)

If this template is kept as a start for any imported midi material, no problems with glued midi tracks.

See this thread for a better explanation:


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