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Producer - No peak meter on live MIDI input


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I must have something setup badly.

Just got my Producer 11.5 setup working and everything seems normal EXCEPT... the peak meter on the VIP does not register the levels of a VSTi driven by live MIDI input unless the play button is pressed.

Yes... I KNOW that sounds just like some newb who isn't running ASIO and doesn't have the monitoring set to full.

Well I'm running ASIO4ALL 2.10. The monitoring is set to full, Tape monitoring. The whole mixer is running and the master meters on the mixer register the output levels of the VSTi just fine, but the peak meter in the VIP doesn't do anything until Play is started.


What am I doing wrong?

I've been using MS12 and Samp MSMX for a while so I understand the idea of live monitoring with ASIO. I haven't seen this before with those packages.

Thanks for any help.


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I verified this on the other machine I have Producer installed on. Same thing.

Again, the master meters in the mixer show VSTi levels in full monitor ASIO mode but no peak meter until the VIP is playing.


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