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Samp Producer Peak Meters - Play Only???


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Maybe a simpler question will get a reply?

Does the standard stereo peak meter visualization in Producer, or other version of Samplitude,

work only in playback mode or also in full monitoring mode?

Is there some option to control this?

I have my system set up for ASIO, full monitoring and while the master output meter in the mixer

works just fine during live monitoring, the VIP peak meter ONLY works during when the VIP is played.

I have Producer installed on two completely different systems and they both behave this way.

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I would think this would be easy to answer for any number of people around here.

Yes... I know Producer is not the real Samplitude but it's about as close as I can get at this point. That being the case, can somebody condescend to comment on this and help me out? Do the VIP peak meters always register live input in Samp 11? Shouldn't the VIP peak meters just be a mirror of the mixer main L/R meters?

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