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S. Producer 12 + Beatbox2


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I posted this on the other Magix forum to no replies... I'm not sure what the plans are for Samplitude Producer or if there will be a 12, but I was hoping they would address a few things for Beatbox drum synth/sampler... It could very easily replace Battery for me except for the following...

---Beatbox 2 should have multi outputs... Currently all the samples only come out of one stereo channel... Its a waste of a good drum machine.. I still have to use Battery for my drums when I should be able to use this instead.. Why have reverbs, delays, filters.. but not be able to route it to its own individual track... When your mixing down you don't mix all the drums on one channel.

In addition.. you should also be able to link Beatbox to your own samples folder... Currently the way its set up, you have to drag and drop your samples from the windows explorer screen..I should be able to drag and drop my samples from anywhere... It also makes multiple copies if you have to do it that way.. I already have my samples set up nicely on a separate drive.. I can't move them all into Beatboxs' folder.. Would be a waste of hard drive space...-----

just some things I would like to see happen with Beatbox...

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It's been years since they've done ANYTHING with Beatbox, and I agree that it's a decent drum sequencer.

It could easily be updated for not only multiple outs, but for more real-time surface controller triggering loops, etc. etc.

Maybe some day after they get all the other features sorted out.


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