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Samplitude Pro X midi controller problem


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Hello, I hope someone can help me...

My sustain pedal for my midi keyboard is not working in Samplitude Pro X

I know Sam is receiving the "sustain" controller info, midi input lights up and it shows in list editor...

The option "send all notes off to vst instruments" in System Options/Midi has no effect at all.

Using "midi list editor" I can see that every time Sam receives "note off" from my keyboard,

it adds controller "123 all notes off" on the next line automatically.This is what kills all sustain pedal ctrl msgs!

I know this because if I manually delete all "123" lines from recorded midi the sustain works properly on "playback"

(only on playback, live it must still be sending "123" and obviously I can't do anything about that!)

Obviously sustain pedal is a live performance tool, so hearing it after the recording is not acceptable!

Can anyone please verify this or provide a .ini solution?

I have tried both 32bit and 64bit versions of Sam in 32bit and 64bit windows 7, same problem.

I have searched this site and shmoogle to no avail

Tried countless driver changes and options within Sam.

Cubase 5 does not have this problem and the sustain pedal works perfectly, so I know its Sam.

I really want to use Samplitude and love it, but this is a major downside atm



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