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Tells you the VANDAL preferences by "direct switch scene <- midi" for "scene 1" for example Control Change = "CC 2" and accordingly for scene 2 = CC 3, scene 3 = CC 4 and scene 4 = CC 5 and then in the controller software on the Foot Switch (FSW) "A" in accordance with "CC 2", FSW "B" with CC 3, FSW "C" with CC 4 and FSW "D" with CC 5, the result is, FSW "A" switches scene 2 but, "B" on scene 3, "C" on Scene 4 and "D" switches nothing. This can be concluded, it must enter into the controller software to a "1" reduced CC value compared with the VANDAL-CC. FSW A has one now = "CC 1", FSW "B" = "CC 2," FSW "C" = "CC 3" and FSW "D" = "CC 4" to work there, all four scenes can now be switched directly.

Tells you the VANDAL preferences by "scene skip - / +" for Previous (-) and Next (+) depending on a control change and use "skip mode" = "circular", but in the beginning or end of the scenes with a foot controller does not switch to looping. Instead of "Control Change" you have to use "Note", then the scenes are switched in both directions in a loop. In VANDAL choose for example to scene skip "Note 001-012 (CO - B0)" = "001 C0." If you type in the (Controller Software) field "Note" MIDI note number "001", the result is "C#" instead of "C" and thus does not trigger the desired action in VANDAL. Here, too, you have to always reduce by "1 MIDI note number to enter in order to make it work, i.e. Note number "000" is "C". I think this is because the VANDAL note numbers begin with "001", but by MIDI standard with "000".

The octave number of the note assigned to the VANDAL is confusing. The "middle C" is assigned in accordance with ISO standard, the note number "060" and octave number "4". However, almost all manufacturers of MIDI equipment / software use the octave number "3". This makes sense, since in most MIDI keyboards the first (left) key is then "C0" with the note number "024". The VANDAL uses the "middle C" note number "061" with octave number "5". The result is then for the first MIDI note number 000 (in VANDAL 001) = "C0" (0 is zero), while the usual mapping results are "C-2" (-2 means minus two).

Has anyone had any similar experiences or found a different solution?

Sorry about my english and greetings from Hamburg


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