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Mastering Workflow

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Hey Max,

Are they fed by different outputs? And how is your mastering project looking at the moment, all songs in objects one after the other on one channel (and all FX, EQs etc on objects)? Or one channel per song?

If on one channel with different outs - create a new channel and copy the objects to that, use different outputs. If several channels - send all of them to one subgroup, create an Aux that receives its input from there but has the output set to the other converter. Should work.



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I'll echo the comments about TotalMix--with TotalMix, you can send any playback channel to any/all physical output pairs. Just click on the output pair in TotalMix (bottom row when all three rows are displayed), then set the level of the playback for your stereo master output (second row when all three rows are displayed). For example, I've got a Multiface. The stereo master output in Samplitude is set to Multiface analog outputs 1-2. I've got the S/PDIF output of the Multiface connected to an RME ADI-2, which is my main D/A for monitoring. So, to set the playback level for the S/PDIF out, I simply click the S/PDIF output pair in the bottom row in TotalMix, and then set the level of playback 1-2.

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