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Hum + Feedback when recording using Vandal

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I have read about and found out by experience that when recording guitar directly into the computer using an amp sim that if your guitar is too close and facing the computer you will get feedback and/or a hum in the recording (similar to when your guitar is facing a real amp and its speaker).

I'm just wondering how many users out there have experienced this and can provide me with some more information on this subject.

For example...

Is the best position to have your guitar facing the opposite direction of the computer?

Does it make for less noise the further you are away from the computer?

Is there any benefit as far as signal to using a shorter guitar cable to go into the computer....10 ft. VS 25 ft. ?

since I have an intern I can record further away from the computer but I just wanted some opinions on the best positioning for your guitar when doing a track. I'm sure many users record themselves playing guitar and most likely are sitting right near the computer.


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My 2 cents, unsorted:

- I'd choose short guitar cables whenever possible. Too long, and the sound gets muddy, you'll loose treble and volume. Plus, the higher the impedance of the pickup(s), the more trouble with RF interference occurs

- Humbuckers are less sensitive to RF noise. A Strat or Tele will pick up more noise than a Les Paul, for instance. Unless you split the humbucker, of course

- In most cases, an angle close to 90° to the RF source should be best, at least that's my observation

- Moving away from the source as much as possible is a good thing. Should you leave the monitors' focus, wear headphones (use still both if you need acoustic feedback). I wouldn't use long cables here, though. I'd prefer active DIs, a HI-Z preamp, or a good stomp box in the signal path, as an impedance-matching device (or 'repeater'). So:

guitar-> short cable -> stomp box/DI/preamp -> 2nd cable -> recording device

I wouldn't worry too much of possible additional noise from an in-between device. I'd rather fear quality loss from too-long cables.

- 'Feedback': unless it gets out of control, it's your friend. The essence of rock'n roll. To avoid it, wear phones. For things to become alive, crank up your monitors.

- LF hum noise is often induced by bad/double earthing of devices. Using rack gear, 'humfrees' might help (they can help isolate a chassis from common ground). Otherwise, consider patching gear from/to the PC or mixing desk through transformer-based DI boxes.

- A software amp acts in no way different from a real amp: it amplifies. Garbage in, garbage out. Which includes avoiding RF emissions wherever possible. No neon lights, energy-saving light bulbs, halogen lamps etc. Also check for household equipment on the same power line, the fridge, A/C, whatever.

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Time ago tried with some success, particularly with HiGain (eg: preset higain solo). We should keep the speakers away from your computer, to avoid interference. If I register, I do not sit near the computer, which is the major cause of noise (at least here).

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