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EQ116 versus signal chain

Gene Clart

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Hi chaps,

i'm a recent convert to Samplitude, Pro X absolutely knocked out by it.

I'm trying to keep my plug ins as native as possible.

Generally i'm very very happy with them.

EQ116 takes some getting used to but I think I've found its USP and I'm using mainly to cut - in Linear Phase mode.

One thing I'd like to know is whether its possible to place EQ116 at the beginning of the signal chain as it always defaults to the last plug in the chain.

Any suggestions would be great - trying to keep Waves plugs out of my workflow.



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Hi Eugene,

It can get a bit complex changing the plug-in order especially if mxing and matching Magix native insert FX (the silver grey ones) with the Magix VST type FX. Can you give me an example of one of your FX chains ? Then I will get back to you.



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Thanks for the prompt reply, Kraznet.

I'm not at my DAW computer just now, but I usually go straight to Frequency/Filters drop down menu when I click in the plug in section of the mixer. i choose EQ116, say if it was a snare track, I might HPF the snare track. my next move is usually compressor so I might go to VST effects - non-native plug ins - and load in Waves C1. When I look at the plug in signal chain EQ 116 comes after the compressor which is not desirable as all that LF is triggering the compressor.

Any ideas?

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