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Help i need an Alternative to Track Freeze


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I need help im new to samplitude pro x and after purchasing and doing further research with the program i found out that the freeze function is almost useless, which is really sad with it being such a good DAW. The problem is when i freeze a vox track the Aux track with delay that its sent to seems to tripple in loudness after its frozen this dosent effect the Aux track with reverb though. but im sure there has to be some other function to lighten up the Cpu Load any help would be much appreciated

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Sounds like a bug. It should not change the sends' volume. What version are you on? Make sure you are on the newest patch.

Also, if you are freezing audio objects and not VSTi on the track, just freeze the object.

im on the latest version Question if i freeze the objects in a track will that also freeze all the effects on the track because all my effects are on the track and not the object i need to lighten the load on my computer

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it will not freeze the trackeffects, that would be unlogical.

but why don't you just disengage the send, freeze your track, so you get a wav-file with all your effects on it. then switch the send back on and adjust to taste. if this does not work, delete your auxbus for a moment (save your effect), freeze your tracks and then set it up again. this should do it as a workaround.

did you try to find out where the level jump comes from? is it the level of the send, can't you just drop it to what you need?

i never experienced that, with trackfreezing.

what is on the auxbus, where you are sending at, prox effects or something else?

good luck,mathias

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