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Samplitude ProX license on Reason Dongle?


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I crossgraded to Samplitude and wish to use the Reason Codemeter stick to store my Samplitude ProX license.

This same stick also has SSL Duende licenses on it so I assume it can be done. Has anyone ever tried. Samplitude says it can't see any dongle connected or words to that effect.

Also, how do I register my new program? When I try and do it through the program proper it doesn't let me link to appropiate page and an error "11" shows up.

edit: OK, I managed to get registered through the samplitude site and I'm just hoping I haven't used any extra authorizations or anything as I had to change my email and so on and so forth etc.

Regarding the codemeter, I think I need to send a "FirmCode" to the codemeter people. How do I get one from Magix?

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Hi Kaimata,

I've often wondered whether Reason and Samplitude can coexist on the same dongle. Usually after you've registered Samplitude you will be given the option to activate using challenge/response or to activate the dongle. Does this option come up? Also the Codemeter runtime will be installed.Does reason use this as well? As I don't have Reason I can't really help any more. I guess you can always contact Codemeter and ask them.



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Hi Kraznet,

Yes, the challenge response or activate with dongle came up but a "no dongle found" message came up when I tried (latest Codemeter drivers).

Mine was the ProX Download version and I thought maybe something might be wiggy because I couldn't activate through Samplitude, I had to do it through the website by-way-of browser. Then of course Samplitude updates to the latest version and I don't whether or not to risk trying to change my current activation to dongle as this will probably again not be "seen" by the program and I may lose an authorization (according to the pop up warning).

Anyway, it's no big deal, I just thought someone may have got both licenses on the same stick. As I said in my original message the SSL licenses sit comfortably on the same Codemeter stick and there are no compatibility issues.

by-the-way; Samplitude Kicks Ass, I'm a guy who can't crash a DAW (Almost all Audio Tracks, Ninja editing) and "Sam" has me enthusiastic. Off to watch a few more Kraznet brand videos now...

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I have both of them on my CM stick of samplitude.

I had this "not found" problem it seems more a internet problem because after a reboot of the computer it has worked.

I had problem loading the RE extension I have load the piano and electric piano on my cm stick but reason dont have it in the menu. Maybe that is a problem.

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