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Using short guitar cables to record in Vandal


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Hi there,

I put up a post about something and I remember Sascha sending me a private message that when recording with Vandal it is much better to use the shortest hi quality cable you can. I find that kind of extreme that a few feet longer would make that much difference to the strength of the signal. But he would know, or perhaps I misunderstood his comments.

So can anyone confirm that or has anyone done an audio test on that, or notice a difference.

Which also brings me to...how many of you use Vandal with a Wah Wah pedal?

Would I be better with my Vox Tonelab using a Wah Wah

Thanks for any input.

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I think there will be a difference by using the shortest hi quality cable. This difference can be measured. But I dont think this difference is audible when using a normal cable. I never had problems by using a normal cable. Neither playing on real or virtual amps like VANDAL.

I use VANDAL with CheWahWah. Operated (On/ Off and Center) by a footcontroller (Native Instruments Rig Kontrol 3). But Funk Frog is a suitable too... try it.

Best regards


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