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How do you replace and audio file in the timeline?


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In a mastering flow when you have an album laid out and you need to replace certain tracks with alternate mixes or create mastered backing tracks of an album mastered in Sequoia a common workflow thing would be to easily replace the song in the timeline (with its corresponding no vocals backing track for example) so that you dont have to drag and drop an audio file and potential mess up your spacings and settings

Is there an easy way to do that in Sequoia 12?



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Save your VIP underline a different name, open the Object Editor and then go to the second window of it. There you'll see the link to your file. Then click on the folder icon and point it to an alternative mix of your choice and confirm all messages. I'm sure it works via one of the managers too but this is the way I sometimes use.

Normally I just create a second track right under the main, CTRL+mouse drag and hold the objects to that and use the object editor to copy&paste settings. I like this more but personal choice and especially if you use cards like the UAD more resource hungry.



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