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Vocals being pitched after recording


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Hello everybody,

sorry if there is already a solution to my problem, but I couldn't find anything fitting using the forum search.

I wanted to record vocals for my music with an audio interface for the first time but everytime I record them they are way too fast and pitched to a higher register. They don't fit the project's tempo at all.

I tried if it is a hardware or driver problem but when I record with Audacity the register and tempo is just fine - just like when I use the internal microphone of my computer.

What else could be the reason for this? I really need your help!

Program used: Samplitude Music Studio 16

Audio interface used: Lexicon Omega Desktop Recording Studio

Operating System: Windows XP / SP3

Computer: AMD Turion 64 mobile / ~1,8 GHz MHz / 896 MB RAM

Thank you in advance!

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My problem is solved.

The mistake was using the MME driver system instead of ASIO and while doing so, having checked "Mac USB" instead of "Win".

So the solution is: Choose the ASIO driver system in Samplitude and the USB Audio Device in the ASIO configurations et voilá.

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