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Parametric EQ not accessible in Samp 10 Pro


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Recently, I've been unable to open (or, at least, SEE) the parametric EQ window. Normally, it'll open via Realtime Efects, Offline Effects or by double-clicking on an object and then on 'Edit' when the Object Editor window opens. In all cases, everything 'grays out' when I attempt to open the Parametric EQ, AS IF it HAS opened - somewhere. I'll mention that I'm extending my desktop onto a second monitor, but there's no trace of the EQ window on the 2nd monitor.

A moment ago, I attempted to duplicate the process going thru 'Offline Effects' and the software has frozen. I'll re-boot as soon as I finish this, but that won't fix the problem. Any thoughts or obvious steps I've missed?


A first-timer

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