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Monitor Selection in Samplitude (Midi/Superior Drummer/All?)


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I'm very new to Samplitude, and I'm sorry for such a newbie question.

When I first downloaded Samplitude and figured out how to run Superior Drummer through Samplitude it automatically played out through my Yamaha monitors that are hooked up to my Digidesign MBOX Pro (which is plugged into the computer via Firewire). However, I started up Samplitude tonight and even though I am getting levels in Samplitude when I play the midi through Superior Drummer (and I see the drums being 'hit' at the midi plays) I do not hear sound out of my monitors. I brought up Pro Tools and was able to hear the sound through the Yamahas, and I pulled up Toontrack Solo and was able to get Superior Drummer to play through the smaller monitors that are going straight out of my computer.

I tried to play with the 'Setup' settings in the Mixer screen, but to no avail. So where do you adjust where the sound is sent to in Samplitude?

Thank you for your time and help!

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