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Why cant I do "Undo(s)" In piano roll?

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Why cant I do "Undo(s)" In piano roll? There are keys I want to use Universally in any window, this is so frustrating,.

And I noticed Samplitude works differently from other DAWs.

I would like to be able to control transport back and forward no matter if using ,piano roll, mixer page, and so on.

is there any video on how to transport quickly, navigate , for example if I'm at measure 15" and I want to go to measure 110" but my screen is showing from 15 to 25 let's say, Do I have to zoom out and click desired area? or no

any help I would appreciate.


Best Regards

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Hi there,

Are you trying to undo midi recordings from the midi editor? It should work as expected. Are you using Samp on one monitor or multiple monitors?

You should be able to navigate with the transport forward/rewind buttons regardless of what window is open. Or you can use the horizontal scroll fader directly below the transport buttons.



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