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Hi all, I am new to Samplitude and I wanna get to know the program better, I have checked all the videos on Samplitude.mellow.png​ What I want to know is --------->>>>

1. If I am arranging a song and using midi %90 of the time, what should the "audio engine" settings be? is this something that has to be changed in different steps through the process or ! setting should do? for example Economic Engine , Hybrid? (more info about the Audio Engine to make me understand will help)

2.How do I overlap the objects? When I drag an object its either 1 object between the 2, for example overlapping an object to cross-fade and such.

3.I noticed stuttering sometimes :( it happens in different audio engine modes. my audio interface buffer size is 256 - 512, I tried both settings.

4.I have noticed Export problems, Once I did a mix and tried to export it and it took to long and after export finished, I opened the file and tried to listen before burning and I noticed a bad stuttering!!., I tried to disable some plugins and I did find out that it had to do with, UAD plugins, are they compatible with Samplitude Pro X? I have to have them. I am using 32 Bit version of Samplitude.

5.Is there a way to record audio without having the input monitoring to get in the way? its very annoying. I tried to turn it off, but then I dont see my levels.:( Iv'e been using Sonar for a long time and thought this would be a great upgrade. However Sonar does this no problem, arming tracks while playback in process overdubbing , turning off input monitor on off and still see the input signal level while the track is (Armed). Is there a way to do this?

6.How can I have all my objects the same color "AFTER" I have selected them the same color, when I record a new object in a existing track with the modified color, the newly recorded track is a different color. or sometimes waves are red in the objects and sometimes they are blue or white I think, anyways. I would like to have them simple as possible to the eye.

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