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Sidechaining in Samp. 2013

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I'd like to sidechain in my version of samplitude.(Samplitude Mucis Studio 2013).

I know what sidechaining is and does, I even watched the tutorials for sidechaining in samplitude from Kraznet.

But i do not have the compressors that he uses. wich has a key input.

I do have a compressor where there is an option "sidechain": the eFX compressor, but with this compressor I can only put it on internal or external. And I really don't understand it.

I thought to look it up in my manual, but that part was written in german and i can't read german :s

Is there someone who knows how to deal with this?


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Hi Benny,

So I installed Samplitude Music Studio 2013 and I'm sorry to inform you that this version doesn't support side-chaining. I'm afraid you need to use Samplitude Pro X to get this feature. Sorry I can't bring better news.



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