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Plug-in Automation

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Easiest way is to insert the delay and hold CTRL+ALT while you change with your mouse the parameter you want to change, e.g. Wet/Dry ratio. Otherwise you can go to the channel, use e.g. the Track Editor on the left, and then under Automation select the Delay->Wet/Dry->draw your curve...done.


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I'm trying the ctrl+alt method for writing an automation script and I just cannot get it to work. I want it to work on an individual sound but I'll accept it working on a track, I've tried both ways so far with no luck. I can write it with any of the various tools available, it’s just that I believe what I'm trying to do would turn out so much better if I could just get this to work.
I'll try any of your suggestions, if anyone here actually knows what they’re doing you seem to.
Tom S

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