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Korg Kronos as VST plugin

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Hi. In the commercials Korg says that some of their synths - Kronos, Krome etc. - can be used as VST plugins for most DAW systems.
Have anyone in here experince with using a hardware synth such as Kronos as a VST plugin for Samplitude?
And how can I set it up?
I have Samplitude Music Studio ver. 15

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Guest Timo Finkbeiner


I had a Korg M50 a few months ago (sold it) and it worked well with sonar (I worked with sonar these days) for me as a vst-plugin. So it should also work within samplitude. I described the way to make it working in the sonar-forum that time. Maybe it can help you for the Korg Kronos/Krome.

Here is what I wrote this time in the sonar-forum:


I´m new to the forum and from germany, so I hope you will understand my english. I worked with sonar and the VS-100 quite a few months and since yesterday, I have also an KORG M50 (second hand) and after some ours I found the way to make the plugin work as it should. So you can play with the M50 and you can record the MIDI-Data to a MIDI-Track.

Of course, it is possible to work with the INS-File (instrument definitions), but with the plugin it is more comfortable. So here is the way how to make the plugin work.

First, all drivers have to be installed correctly, of course. Then I don't know, but it only works for me with ASIO-Drivers, so if you are working with WDM, you have to switch to ASIO. After that, just start or open a project and create an instrument-track with the M50-editor. Now, very important, you have to check in the dialouge the option "MIDI-Output activate" (in german it is called MIDI-Ausgabe aktivieren). If you do that, you can select in the Midi-Track the M50-Editor as the input-source. I don't know how to activate this option after inserting a software synthesizer. Do you know?

In the M50-Editor, you have to go to Global, Software Setup, and there you have to check the option "Send M50's Midi Out Data ..." - it is on the right side. For Midi In and Midi Out you have to choose the M50 of course.

Then go to Global, Midi and check the "Local control on", so you can hear what you play and for the MIDI-Clock the external USB. So the control is taken by Sonar. The best is to run the editor in sequencer-mode. That's all.

Now you should play with the M50 through the editor and record your MIDI-Data to a Midi-track. Finally, you have to route the channels as you want.

I hope everything is right, just try or ask me.

Kind regards, Timo

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