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Cheap Plugins

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Thought I would start a post to help spread the plugin deals from the web. I just grabbed the Sonitus Suite directly from Cakewalk for $20. These plugs are rock solid and get the job done. With virtually no cpu usage! List the deals you find along with reviews of some of your fav plugs.

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"Toneboosters Flex" swiss army knife for 15€. if you need some special treatment for specific frequencies. absolutely transparent, when used with care.

and for free: some of the freewareplugins from "variety of sound" are incredibly good.

my favorites: ThrillseekerLA, BaxterEQ, TesslaPRO mk2, ThrillseekerVBL (released today, needs some more testing, first impression is good).


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to do this forumplace justice ... :)

all of the samplitudeplugins we get for free with the program are great!

from time to time i do some mixes only with the builtin tools and as mentioned above, they get the job done!

but everyone needs some stuff to play around with, with nice colours or magic mojo or whatever ... :)

keeps us happy and lively, even when the simple tools get the job done as well ... /end of philosophy


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