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Hi all,,,I currently use Samp pro x suite and Pro Tools 10. On multi drum tracks instead of using a gate to eliminate bleed on snare and kick drum etc, I use strip silence in Pro Tools 10 as I can see what Im to and what part of the audio Im stripping..i.e the unwanted bleed pickup. However..I cant seem to understand how to get my head around strip silence in Samplitude..the manual is not much help..i.e..threshold for silence/ threshold for signal etc. Can anyone explain these more clearly and how do I know when theyre set right for what I need

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It works most of the time. Maybe it needs some editing afterwards, but it works.

I use it on close miked drum tracks.

You need to fiddle around with the threshold and length of the silence, depending on the signal.

Also keep in mind that when using strip silence with percussive signals you don't want to use auto crossfade as default.

Otherwise it will chop of the first transient. You can add fades later on very quickly.

If the length of all objects is too short, or to long, you can change all objects in one movement.

Select all objects, set your mouse to an object handle on the right of an object, press Shift+Alt and extend that object, and all objects will follow.

This also works on the object handle on the left of an object. If there is too much silence before the actual signal.

After all signals are correct, you can use the same method for fades of each object.

Hope this is useful to you.



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