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Failed to create vst instrument kontakt 5


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i don't know if there's a limit for the vsti instruments in Samplitude or Sequoia but when i work with Kontakt 5 i always load a single instance of Kontakt for all instruments (drums, bass, horns, piano, etc etc).
Example, i have 3 midi tracks, drums, bass and piano. Drums is on midi channel 10, bass on midi channel 1 and piano on midi channel 2.
Then i set the midi output for the kontakt instruments in the same way as the midi output is for midi tracks.
That's what i do when i work with midi tracks and Kontakt 4 and 5.


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I don't have the full version of Kontakt 5 but I tried it with Kontakt Player 5 and so far I've managed to load 12 x16out instances of Kontakt 5 without getting that message.

Although I must admit in the past I have had the occasional random "failed to create vst instrument" message and usually if that happens I just save the project and restart and it usually works .



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thanks kraznet. im just getting used to the vsti manager. its starting to make more sense now. the reason i had 3 instances of kontakt 16 out was because i was having problems routing it so i would delete it because there were 16 open tracks. i didnt know i had to remove the instrument from the manager as well. i think all that tweaking without knowing what i was doing did something bad. i was able to get it right eventually thanks to your tutorial. thanks again.

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