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Set fades for multiple objects on a track?


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Is there anyway to adjust the fade times for selected objects on a track?

I edited my toms track to keep only the tom hits and deleted everything else. I turned off the crossfade editor while doing this. I planned on selecting all my objects and then adjusting the fade-in / fade-out times in one move since all edits were the same length. However, only the object I adjust has the new fade times.

(I'm using Samplitude 11).



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Select all objects first. You have to hold down the "alt"-key while grabbing the fades with the mouse, that´ll change the fades on all selected objects.

Tip: If you also hold down "shift" (together with "alt") you can finetune the fades.

The other option would be to open the object-editor (Fade Tab) and type in the value into the Fade-In and Fade-Out fields. That´ll also change the fades on all selected objects.

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