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anyone used LFO Tool or MidiShaper with Samplitude ?


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these plugins allow you to send midi control change messages (CC#) to other VSTi synths to automate their parameters..

so for example - you can draw an LFO shape in LFO Tool to be used to modulate the filter cut off of another VST synth over a CC#

i can't get either of these plugins to work in this way.. it appears the routing is different in each DAW and unfortunately no tutorials seem to exist out there for samplitude and the developers only show you cubase, ableton live & logic etc..

i know you can automate these parameters with track automation but it is pretty limited in comarison.

anyone here tried these sort of plugins ?

any suggestions on how to get it to work..?



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Hi... yeah I didnt have any luck using this plug ins with Samplitude.... It needs better individual midi track routing... like Reaper etc for it to work.... I got it working barely using loopbe I think but there were a lot of problems. It was over the summer so I cant remember how it went down exactly.... Alternatively you should look at Mulabs MUX vst... it allows you to stack multiple vsts together and you can link their parameters.... it comes with an lfo and envelope event controller etc.... you could put these plugins inside Mux with your vst and control it all in there....

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