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Different ASIO devices for in/out? Yamaha THR10 in -> Scarlett 2i2


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Hello, I'm a Samplitude noobie although I was a longtime user of Magix Music Studio 7. I missed the object-level editing so bad, I ditched Pro Tools and came back to Magix. I could never get used to applying effects to an entire track, and feel like I'm back at home.

I'm trying to set up my audio devices and I'm a bit confused. I want to use my new Yamaha THR10 amp connected via USB as my input and route to my Scarlett 2i2 interface, which is hooked into my monitors, as the output. If I choose "Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO" as my ASIO device, I can see only this as my recording and playback audio device. I can hear everything through the amp, but I want to hear it on my monitors. If I choose Scarlett 2i2 as my ASIO device, again, this is the only option for recording and playback audio device. I also have an Audiophile 192 soundcard that I might want to use at some point. Is it not possible to see all devices and select input and output? Maybe I'm just confused about how ASIO works...

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Not quite. ASIO allows only one driver per host. You could use Asio4All generic driver to attach all your soundcards. The price is higher latency.



True in general, but since lemonbrigade wants to hear his guitar amp throught his monitors it´s not a usable option, as he needs low latency for playing. The only option I can see is to use the Scarlett as his interface and use the guitar amp in a "traditional" way, miking it or DI.



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