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Tempo Map: Select multiple tempo changes in a range?

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In Pro X, can I select all the tempo changes in a particular range (eg bars 50 to 60)?

Can I then increase or decrease their respective speeds by a value such as 1% or 1 BPM -- in a single operation?

How can I do this?


For simplicity, please assume that I am working in MIDI only, and I have already created a complex tempo track with hundreds of tempo changes. I do not want to modify each tempo change individually, because that would take a long time.

The Kraznet videos are excellent, but I have not yet found this particular information in them. I have also not found this information in the pdf manual.

I used to use Samplitude 6 years ago, and I am now considering buying Samplitude Pro X.


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Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, I got the same result. Specifically, I installed the Samplitude Pro X demo and created a tempo map. I selected a range that included just a few of my tempo changes. Then I went to "Edit / Tempo / Tempo Scaling" and scaled by a factor of 1.2. However, that increased ALL of the tempo changes, not just the ones in the selected range.

This is a very important feature for me because our music typically has hundreds or even thousands of slight tempo changes, and if I need to increase the tempo of a particular section, I do not want to have to modify hundreds of tempo changes individually.

This feature could be very useful for film music, and it's crucial for my work. I hope the Samplitude developers include it some day. In the meantime, I probably have to look elsewhere.


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Actually, it is possible after all. Andre in tech support explained it, and I've verified that it works. Here's the trick:

- create a tempo map with markers (as an automation curve on the arranger)
- select edit => mouse modes => curve mouse mode
- select all the markers you want to modify within this sqaure selection frame
- select edit => tempo => edit global tempo and determine your factor of increase
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- select edit => tempo => edit global tempo and determine your factor of increase

I can't find this entry. Do you mean Edit > Tempo > Tempo Scaling?

Also if you wanted to increase the overall tempo by 2bpm what would be the factor of increase?



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