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Pro X - Mostly 32 bit plugins included?


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Just got my new Pro X package and installed everything (as admin) on my i7 Win 8.1 machine. When I run Samplitude Pro X 64bit it seems ALL the plugins except Independence are listed as 32 bit. Independence of course has both 32 and 64 available.

I thought Pro X was rev'd up to 64 bit which would imply that the whole package was recompiled as well. I did do the latest update after I installed to (DC2).

Did I do something wrong during the install?



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the newest patch samplitude pro x is

have you been on the magix pro audio page in your account?

i followed your upgrading thread and the "consumer" versions of the magix software are handled on other accounts than the pro versions.

check here: http://pro.magix.com/de/support.78.html

and choose samplitude/sequoia

you can try with your email and password from the other account.

if this does not work, contact support.

afaik many plugins got updates to 64 bit, but not all until now.



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you're welcome.

but that's weird, with the autoupdate. should give you the actual one.

some users reported in the past, that autoupdate just didn't work for them, so the website and download of the actual patch could be the route to go.

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Apparently I needed to do another auto update and then it was up to the version you show above. I also did the manual update to Vita which fixed that.

UNFORTUNATELY... the only plugin NOT updated to 64 bit is my favorite one. The truly excellent Revolta 2!

I sincerely hope that Magix updates Revolta 2 as they should have long before now. It's a great VA synth that really stands on it's own if you ask me. It's the only real synth included with Pro X and it's still in 32 bit land. No reason for that.

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