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Song loading bug???


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I'm having problems loading a song - every time I try to open this 1 particular song it comes up with the following message:

"Object entry behind physical sample" + some more info, then it gives me 3 options:

Continue / Load all / Cancel

If I click on "Continue" or "Cancel" I have to click on it 100 or so times for the song to finish loading but there are some audio blocks missing as-well as some waves missing within empty audio blocks.

If I click on "Load all" the song loads straight away but is still missing the same audio blocks & waves within empty audio blocks.

I'm using Samplitude Pro X (not upgraded), I haven't saved any changes since the error message, I had backed up the song to an external hard drive the previous time I had it open but the back-up version does the same, I tried quitting, shutting down, re-starting the computer & re-opening the song.

I've attached photo's of the error messages that I've seen in the process (the photo of the error message titled "Object entry behind physical sample" is the main error message that seems to be the problem & which comes up in the middle of loading the song).

Please excuse my lack of proper recording/Samplitude lingo as I'm new to all of this...but quickly becoming addicted, haha!






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is the song playing? do you hear the audio, even when the waveforms are not displayed?

i had this errormessage a few times in the past.

the song played fine and i just used the "recalculate waveforms" (or similar) and saved again.

most of the time it cured the error and the waveforms where visible again.


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