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OT: Eventide UltraChannel Native Plug-in Giveaway


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Really Marius? I don't have an Internet connection at the studio. Never have had my DAW connected in the last 17 years. My other Ilok plug ins work fine. The Eventide license is on the Ilok. I have not had this kind of non communication before. Are there issues with Ilok software?


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This just came by mail:

Dear UltraChannel User,

The response to our month-long freebie of UltraChannel was gratifying. We hope youre finding it useful.

A small number of bugs and issues were reported and today a new release has been posted that addresses these issues.

While rare, two nasty bugs turned up. One caused excessive CPU loading and the other caused the EQ to oscillate. These bugs, and others listed below, have been addressed in the current release.

Registered users can download the latest version for free at:

UltraChannel OSX Installer

UltraChannel Windows Installer

Release Notes for UltraChannel

Version 2.0.15

1. Fixed several bugs related to session tempo and session restore when tempo sync is on.

2. Fixed default install location for 32 bit Windows VST.

Version 2.0.9

1. Fixed various issues related to Delay loading, tempo sync, and control.

2. Fixed an issue where EQ wouldn't pass audio, or would oscillate on plug-in load in some very rare cases.

3. Fixed pop on plug-in instantiation or session load if XFormer was engaged.

4. Improved session tempo compatibility with Logic

5. Fixed an issue which was causing extreme CPU loading on some processors in some DAWs

6. Corrected typos and improved User Guide

Also, our good friends at Groove3.com have made a new instructional video series entitled "Eventide UltraChannel Explained" covering all the features and functions of UltraChannel in great detail, as well as showing you what the plug-in can do on different instruments, including vocals.

We have arranged a free 30-day demo of the UltraChannel videos as well as any other content on their site. This offer is redeemable only through August 31st, so don't delay.

Just go to https://www.groove3.com/str/redeem_code.php and enter in the promo code: eventide30day

Complete the sign-up process and you're all set.

Thanks for tuning in.


Your friends at Eventide

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I belive a DAW SHOULD be connected to the internet.

I agree. There are no valid reasons not to enjoy the convenience. Whatever negative effect the connection might have (the usual reason offered) is not a significant concern these days.

On the often "hot" (in more ways than one!!!!) topic of the I-Lok, I use one and never had a single problem. I entered the game at version 2, so earlier adopters may have a different perspective...

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