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how to get automation curves to move with objects after tempo change ?


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how do i configure Samplitude to keep track automation curves with the objects after i make a tempo change ?

i understand the "Link Curves to Objects" feature and this works ok if a copy/paste an object but if i change the project's tempo the track automation curves don't move with the objects...

any suggestions ?



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thanks Georg, but it doesn't work..

it only works when you slide the object backward or forward (ie channel automation curves move with object)

but when tempo is changed the automation curves stay in their respective time positions rather than follow the object to the new musical position.

i'm assuming you were refering to "linking objects" as stated in the manual (tried adding a screen shot but this site won't post it)

i also have the same problem with markers... they don't move either.

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No, I meant the mouse mode

Link objects one track behind cursor position


Link objects all tracks behind cursor position.

I know for sure it works with markers (the markers move along with the first tracks objects)

I know it works for time stretch pitch shift.

I assume it will work for tempo changes...

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ok i've finally figured it out.

this problem has nothing to do with the mouse mode.

the mistake i made was not ticking the "adapt audio objects to new tempo" box when changing the tempo from the transport bar. (it is not ticked by default)

because i was only using midi objects and no audio objects i didn't think ticking this box to adapt audio was required but it is.

thanks again Georg, i appreciate you taking the time to help out.

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still can't get tempo changes/automation to stay synchronized after a tempo change via the grid & marker bar...

does anyone know how to do it ?

here's a scenario..

have a 1 track project @ 120bpm

create a midi object (say 4 bars)

use track automation to write a volume fade out curve at the end of the object (fades from bar 4 to bar 5)

then go up to the grid & marker bar and enter a bpm marker at the beginning of the midi object @ bar 1 beat 1 (it will default to 120bpm)

double click the marker and change the tempo to 60bpm.

you will see the midi object will appear to extend to the right as it stays with its relative musical position

you will also see the automation curve does not move as it holds its relative time position and the volume curve now appears at the object's halfway point rather than at the end.

how do i get track automation data to stay in sync with the midi object after the tempo change ?

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hi, only a few years later, but i do have the same problem using pro X3 suite. it is behaving exactly as described by others: when inserting tempo changes the (volume) automation curves that are already there do not move to their new musical positions. ticking "adapt audio objects to new tempo" does not apply to volume curves, so i do not know what to do. any suggestions please?

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