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Vita issue. Says it "dosent exist" (then other problems.)


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So after a long period away from music (dealing with a family tradgedy), I'm slowly coming back to music.

I brought up an old project with a few Vita instances and it says that I have to "select the right file path" or something like that. Having no idea what that means, I tried to reset the whole thing by reinstalling (and selecting "repair"). After that didn't work, I decided to uninstall and reinstall and start from the beginning with a clean slate.

Now it won't install. Says it keeps failing.

Are there any ideas you guys might have that I may try?

Thanks a bunch.

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Which Sam version? There has been one seperate Vita update, you should find that in the service center where all your downloads are located.

This is the version of the manual Vita update. Hope it helps.

Samplitude Vita 32/64-Bit Update
Version: | Filesize: 131.33 MB

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Hey guys.

Still having his issue with Samp 11 pro not loading. It gets hung up on "creating Install script" and then just aborts.

Samp tech sent me a compatability work around but that didn't work.

Starting to get really pissed that this $500 program I own won't even install on my system.

Could someone offer some wisdom?

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