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Hi there 've been testing for a few month as part of beta team the VRM from Slate digital

works great on samp and maybe the sweetest sounding plugs to my hear

give a try it' s worth the cost .

thanks and happy mixing.


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I downloaded the demo and have mixed feelings about it. At first it sounds really impressive, it takes very little to make drastic changes to the signal. After a while using it, it becomes apparent that a 1db change on this plugin equals like 2db on other eqs (i havent't actually measured it, it's just a form of expression). Nothing bad about it: i mention it because that's the reason it feels like airEQ is different from others. Careful tweaking of the settings on competing products like FabFilter EQ2 exactly match the results obtained with AirEQ. On the other hand, airEQ seems to allow for a faster, more intuitive workflow.

All in all, it sounds great - at something like 50 bucks it would be a no-brainer. At the $100 introductory price it strongly appeals to my GAS condition - but honestly, I don't think It brings something I can't do with the stuff I have. I don't know...maybe I wil accidentaly press the buy button...but still on the fence on this one...

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I realize this is an older post, but I thought I'd chime in..

I have VCC, and am working on the trial version of VMR. I love both. These plugs have both gone a long way to making my mixes sound better - more warmth, depth, silk and air. I can't say that these are the best plugs out there for what they are intended to do, after ll, I haven't used every single plug similar to these, but I can only say that thus far, they are the best processors that I've personally used to date.

If you are looking for a dramatic change, then you may be disappointed. Besides, "dramatic" is a relevant description, because many find that there are times when the smallest alterations are indeed dramatic, while others are looking for a gigantic, huge "wow" factor, and are disappointed when they don't hear that.

Most engineers will admit that the hardest part of the mix is "that final 10%"... those final teaks and sonic enhancements that add up, and that often come very hard. To many - including myself - this is often where the mix either lives or dies, and this final 10% can be where the difference between a pro sound and an average sound occurs.

I have found that, if you are looking for "that final 10%", these are great plugs to use in regard to those final nuances and esoteric subtleties - that can make a huge difference.

I'm not knocking the stock plugs in Pro X - far from it - these are some of the best native plugs I've ever heard and worked with - but I have found, at least so far, that the Slate plugs allow me to get that final 10% in a manner that is a lot less difficult than it's been in the past for me, using other processors.

I'm sure there are those who will disagree with me, and that's okay. ;) Everyone has their own workflow preferences, things that they like, things that they don't, and, we also need to consider this within the context of what we are working on at the time. These plugs from Slate might not be the best choice every single time, in every single project scenario, and I'm willing to admit that.

But for what I am doing, they work great. Effective, efficient, easy to use, easy on the CPU, and they give me sonic options which I didn't have before I started using them.

In my humble opinion, of course. ;)


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