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Backing up in Pro x2?

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Hi folks,

Yes I'm a Samplitube newb. I've been recording for about 10 years in a well setup studio with a mackie HDR and mixing thru a console with help itb thru another program. My HDR went flakey on me and since I got Samplitude a while back I needed to use it last week for a session. Backing up from the HDR was a simple operation, but in Samp I haven't been able to get my head around it. The manual only suggests running another samp session in tandem on a 2nd daw for backup. After searching here I've seen some posts with different methods but am reluctant to try them with my 1st samp VIP that has 82 objects recorded live with 4 musicians and many odubs over the course of nearly 3 hours of recording. Studio computer is running Windows 7 with recent SSD and other upgrades with external drives available.

Could someone please help me out?

Many thanks,


Minglewood Studio

Westfield, NC

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