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Hi this is my first post and my second day playing with Sam Pro X 2.

I am attempting to migrate away from Pro Tool. I have been on PT since 7.

So far I have had issuse with stabilty. And CPU performance has been disapointing compared to PT 11.

My system specs are as follows.

Gigabyte EX58A-UD3R BIOS FH, Intel Core i7 CPU 980X, 24GB Mushkin Enhanced Blackline DDR3 1600Mhz PC3-12800, NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT Silent, Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit, Pro Tools 11.3.1 Antelope Orion 32

Is there any system or OS setup advice that may help things run more smoothly?

Also are there any Ex Pro Tool users who can lend any advice on expediting the learning curve?

Thank you


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Also are there any Ex Pro Tool users who can lend any advice on expediting the learning curve?

I'm not a PT user, but check out user Kraznet's videos on YouTube and elsewhere (just Google "Kraznet Samplitude Video Tutorial"). His knowledge is encyclopedic and his presentation/production clean, direct and pretty much crystal clear.

Especially check out the series on the Object Editor. Object editing is one of the program's best features and there's a lot to be learned.

Have fun.

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Hi Philip,

I came to Samplitude from Pro Tools 10, for me the performance and stability of Sam was far better. It took me quite a while to get used to editing and some other workflow issues but watching Kraznet`s videos, Samplitude academy, reading through manual and lot`s of experimenting helped a lot and I rarely go back to PT - actually never. There are bugs and things like in every software but as I said Sam is much smoother ride for me comparing to PT. For perfomance issues try experimenting with engine modes - I use mostly Hybrid engine but if the CPU (I7 2600) struggles I go to software monitoring and/or freezing tracks and things are fine. The problem is using 32bit plugins when running 64bit sam - there is bit bridging but it tends to be very taxing on CPU so best avoid and stick to same bit resolution plugs. Hope it helps and let me know if you have more questions if I can I`ll be happy to help.

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